The First Year
Medical Student's Manual

Studying For Your Exams? Avoid These 5 Mistakes That Lead to Burnout, Stress, and Failing Grades

(And How to Avoid Them)

"I wish someone gave me this when I started medical school"

Everything you need to learn effectively and set yourself up for success in your exams.

Hey, I'm Haikal Kushahrin, a recent medical graduate from the University of Malaya. Through extensive research and personal trial and error, I've discovered the most effective strategies for learning in medical school. And now, I want to share everything I know with you.

  • Master evidence-based study techniques that make learning efficient and effective

  • Learn how to identify high-yield material and focus on what truly matters

  • The 5 most common study mistakes and how to overcome them

  • 15 actionable tips to optimize your learning and exam performance

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Here's everything that's inside:

Day 1: How Common Study Techniques Are Failing You (And How What Techniques You Should Use Instead)Day 2: How To Stop Chugging 6 Cans of Red Bull When The Exam Is Near (And How To Study Consistently)Day 3: How To Not Get Overwhelmed With The Depth Of Content In Medical SchoolDay 4: A Cheat Code For Thriving In Medical School (Hint: Not More Coffee!)Day 5: The Secret To Not Burning Out In Medical School (It's Not What You Think!)

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